£20,000 Donation employs PIOS Workers

The Pass it on Scheme receives a £20k donation and employs 3 Members!

The Pass it on Scheme recognises the valuable contribution persons with lived experience can offer the homeless and / or those at risk.

There is no experience like first-hand experience; people that have lived through tough challenges have lots to offer to those that are currently going through similar situations. The scheme provides participants with an opportunity to directly help those in need through providing volunteer experiences at local soup kitchens, emergency accommodation and outreach services.

Some members want to continue their commitment to ‘Pass it on’ by seeking employment within the sector.  The Sanctuary Trust is keen to help cultivate the next generation of housing / homelessness workers, with lived experience.  For those people that can imagine working in Supported housing, homelessness or Housing Services, we support participants achieve the qualifications and gain the work experience required to make this dream a reality.

PIOS Workers

We pledge that all housed PIOS graduates will receive an interview for employment at the Sanctuary Trust.  We will also help graduates to apply for jobs elsewhere and we will provide employment references. Therefore, in 12 months a new member could have the qualifications, the work experience and be employed within the Sector!

The Scheme only launched in June 2018, so far we have supported 26 members engage in volunteer work across the Sector. Our members have facilitated relapse prevention classes, delivered crisis intervention and worked within partner organisations helping to both relieve and prevent homelessness in Rochdale.   This work has really caught the attention of our local community, so much so that last month we have received a donation of £20,000!

We have decided to use this amount to employ 3 of our most active members; Anthony McManus, Mike O’Day and Brian Duffy.  Brian says, this means everything to me.  It took a lot of hard work getting to this point but if I can do it everyone can.  I want to help people like me achieve their dreams, then pass it on’.

A big congratulations to Mike, Tony and Brian; their story is an inspiration and we look forward to hearing all about the good work they have delivered through the Scheme going forward

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