Beit Tikvah House gets a Lift

The Sanctuary Trust manage a House of Hope called Beit Tikvah in North Wales. Alongside our partners Green Pastures, we support up to four people in this overtly Christian community. We believe Beit Tikvah house is a family home, where we encourage each other to develop positive habits. A safe place for people to develop spiritual confidence and discern Gods will for the next Chapter.

This week, the Sanctuary Trust management committee / Trustees have agreed to committee to a further 6 year lease on this project. In turn, our partners green pastures have committed to the renovation of the building.

With a newly renovated building and a fresh commitment from the Sanctuary Trust, we believe Beit Tikvah house will continue to demonstrate how living within a Christian community can transform lives, for those who have experience of homelessness and addiction

This was certainly Richie’s experience. Richie was homeless with long history of addictions, before he found faith living at Beit Tikvah house. Now, he is a married man, working for the Sanctuary Trust at Holborn House!

If you would like to support the work at Beit Tikvah house, please do get in touch at [email protected]

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