Brian And Steve Pass It On

Just a few months ago, both Brian and Steve were facing street homelessness.

They were able to avoid sleeping rough thanks to a referral to the Sanctuary Trust Halsall House – an ‘abstinence based’ supported housing project located near Rochdale town centre.

At Halsall House Steve and Brian started to address and change unwanted habits.      By exploring behavioural habits with the intention of change, both Brian and Steve can (over time) create very different futures for themselves.

 PIOS Bri Ste

It was at Halsall House where Brian and Steve were referred to the ‘Pass It On’ Scheme.  This scheme recognises the valuable contribution persons with lived experience (of challenging situations) can offer disadvantaged people, those at risk of disadvantage and the wider Community.

 PIOS Ste There is no experience like first-hand experience; people that have lived through tough challenges have lots to offer to those people that are currently going through the same. Brian says-

‘I’m glad to be doing stuff that can help others avoid making the same mistakes that I made’

Steve added –

‘I got a lot to offer and if feels good to help out, give advice when i can and make people feel better about themselves’

Well done Steve and Brian! These guys are living proof that people can change, while using their life experience to help themselves and those around them.

Click for more info on the work we do at Halsall House our through the Pass it on Scheme,

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