My pathway by Paul Alexander

My pathway by Paul Alexander

When I first came for an interview at the Sanctuary Trust Hostel I was in a bad way due to Alcohol addiction which I have had for many years, it had led to me falling out with my mother, brother and eventually losing everything including my home. this led me to sleeping on friends sofas and ultimately roughing it on the streets. Due to this unstable lifestyle of not eating and drinking to excess I had lost a lot of weight, I thought at the
time “is there any way out of this besides killing myself”; I did not know what to do anymore only to accept the fact this is the way my life was going to be; living an Alcoholic existence.

At this point I was in touch with Housing Concern every day then finally came the news, I was informed by a lovely woman named Linda to whom I am very grateful to, she said that I was to get the bus right away to attend an interview at Sanctuary Trust Hostel, it was just the news I needed when they accepted me on the spot.

It is now one year on and I have had quite a few slips and missed opportunities on my journey to sobriety, but I have used them as a steep learning curve with positive results. I now feel I have a new life with meaning and I have found hope within God. I am also back in touch with my mother and brother. I considered this to be home for the time being and I have used it as a pathway to a new beginning and a brighter future without Alcohol.

I believe that everything I longed for could be mine in my sobriety.

It has not been easy and at points it has been the roughest time of my life,
getting through this evil battle of Alcohol Addiction but in this I believe a
major factor in turning my life around has been me wanting to get away from
addiction, with the help of all staff even at every level of the organisation.

My goals are now becoming even closer, I also work as a volunteer at the “Storehouse” charity shop which is owned and run by the Sanctuary; it was just the other day I gained a level 2 NVQ qualifications in customer services. I work alongside 2 people as part of a management team at The Storehouse Charity Shop and I am due to sit a PAT testing exam in March which could open new doors for a better and secure future.

My life would have had no meaning whatsoever if it wasn’t for the caring people who run the Sanctuary Trust and their belief in me that I am a human being who needed love and guidance through what I can only describe as a nightmare of epic proportions, if it wasn’t for these people I don’t think I would be here today.

I now have my ownflat which is supported accommodation at St Edmunds, it was a long wait but well rewarding. I had a few slips at Halsall House but got through it with
sheer hard work and determination. I am so proud of myself and what I have achieved along my pathway of freedom from alcohol.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jenny Spencer and her staff for their support and the hard work they have put in to making me believe in myself and not just me but all of the lads that have walked through the doors of Halsall House. If you would have asked me 2 years ago that this would be possible I would have laughed it off, but look at Paul Alexander Stott now aiming for a bigger and brighter future.

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