Road to Recovery for Patrick

Patrick was referred to Sanctuary Trust due to his addiction to alcohol. Patrick was referred to us by probation as his addiction had landed him with a drink driving conviction. When interviewed, Patrick was in the local hospital struggling with alcohol dependency and depression.

It was clear in the interview that Patrick was determined to address his dependency issue and was grateful for the opportunity of hopefully realising this here at Sanctuary Cornerstone, Holborn house. This determination became a reality very quickly, as Patrick engaged in the recovery programme within the project, dealing with his addiction. Patrick kept all his appointments religiously including his probation. Patrick was also very quick to engage himself in sporting activities including football twice a week, plus voluntary work within the community.

Just a short while in to his stay here at Holborn, Patrick was encouraged along with other residents to take part in a musical project designed for like minded people, encouraging guys to interact musically.  This Patrick did, and from this became the lead singer and learned to play guitar in what became 'The Wild Stallions'

The many months that followed were to be quite instrumental (pardon the pun) in his recovery, giving him something, alongside his voluntary work to concentrate all his energy. Also, during his stay in Holborn, Patrick contributed greatly to the house and to the needs of his fellow clients, always willing to be leaned on.

Patrick was only with us for a few months when it was clear that he needed to move on as his music, his volunteer work, his abstinence and his general positive attitude was leading him on to independence. Fortunately we had a move on place suitable for Patrick and after a successful interview, found himself in one of our move-on flats at Pensarn. This at the time included a lot of floating support which Patrick needed and appreciated for a while as he wasn't yet ready for full blown independence.

After a short period in Pensarn, Patrick pursued further volunteer work, involving himself within the care support industry eventually getting a full time job working for Clwyd Alyn Housing Association. Also within this period, Patrick applied for a casual position within this company, the very company that was key to his recovery. Patrick, although did not get the job, was pleased to have been shortlisted, a measure of how far he has come on the road to his recovery.  Patrick continues in his current job within Clwyd Alyn and still resides in Pensarn but is now completely independent. The pilot floating support/advice advocacy was fundamental in his recovery and he is still in contact with our service.


John Priestly

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