Stairway to success

Brian’s Story

Brian small.jpgI was just 12 years old when I started using cannabis.  It wasn’t long before I was addicted to heroin and committing shop lifting offense to fund my habit.  This was my life; drug addiction, crime and homelessness.   In 2015, I decided I wanted to change; I attempted abstinence but unfortunately relapsed.  Using heroin, crack cocaine and diazepam daily I made the decision to seek the help of Sanctuary Trust Halsall House project.

At Halsall house Brian quickly engaged with drug services and progressed through the Stages System.  This was very much the easy part for Brian, he had already made the decision he didn’t want to use anymore; he welcomed the structure of an abstinence project and wanted to engage with the package of support.  What Brian found difficult was managing a growing feeling of guilt and remorse.  He couldn’t understand why, after a short period of abstinence, he fell back into old habits. He felt he let down his friends, family, and himself.

Sanctuary Trust engaged with Brian through our Success Project.  Brian started to understand how he had created pathways in his brain that subconsciously impact on his decision making.  Brian recognised his power to change these pathways; with repeated and directed attention toward the designed change he managed to retrain his brain at Halsall House.

“It can be very difficult to change a habit of a life time.  Truly, there is no elevator to Success; you really do have to take the stairs!  I am happy to report that I remain abstinent and have since moved on to my own tenancy” 

Other Stories

Y life saved after RSI intervention

Y was found rough sleeping by RSI and accepted into Halsall House in summer 2021 due to being homeless in Rochdale with no local connection.   He stayed in Halsall house receiving support and staying drug free for several months.  He completed “The Way Out” course alongside Narcotics Anonymous meetings and was doing well.   Around November

Adam gets a Job!

My Journey with Sanctuary Trust began after the covid lockdown ended in November 2020. I had spent lockdown bored and depressed like a lot of other people and spent a lot of time considering my options for when lockdown was over. I decided to email John Wigley to ask if I could volunteer in the

Steven have hope for the future

I started smoking cannabis at the age of 10 and crime became a daily thing, this resulted in me being in and out of prison most of my life. I progressed to harder drugs and became institutionalized towards the last few years of my addiction. I was either on the streets, homeless or in prison

My life turned around

I was very young when I started experimenting with drugs, this led to being in and out of prison because of offenses in trying to get access to more. At 36, I got a long term prison sentence, and I lost contact with my family and basically had no one. I was released from prison

My journey from deaths door to seeing the light and coming back to life.

My name is Allan Wood and this is my story. I grew up in Chadderton, Manchester. I had a good upbringing my parents did everything they could to provide the best for us. Before addiction I was into sports, swimming, golf, pool, and football. I often think if I could of have a career in

Sanctuary gave me opportunity to work with them and progress with them

I used to wake up and think, do I drink or do I kill myself? It was a very depressing time, felt like this for years. I am now at a point where I don’t feel this way. I don’t feel the need to drink, I am now 18 months sober. I still have my

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