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Storehouse Pensarn is one of two Sanctuary Trust charity shops, run by hardworking volunteers and compassionate staff in Pensarn, Providing second hand treasures and a sense of community for the local population.

As you step into Storehouse Pensarn, you’ll be greeted by an array of pre-loved ornaments and clothing. The shop also has a market in second hand homeware and renovated household furniture, providing a lifeline of support to new low income tenants, who are looking for affordable ways to turn their shelter into a home.

At the heart of Storehouse Pensarn is Lyn, a dedicated Sanctuary Trust employee who has poured her heart into the establishment. With humility and warmth, she welcomes visitors old and new. Lyn embraces each customer and invites them to be a part of the Storehouse Pensarn community. Lyn’s commitment to her community is a guiding light that keeps the shop thriving.

Standing alongside Lyn is Beth, a friendly and bubbly presence who sustains the shop’s management when Lyn is away. Beth’s role is vital, ensuring that Storehouse Pensarn runs seamlessly and efficiently, day in and day out.

Adding to the tapestry of our community are remarkable volunteers, some of whom were former Sanctuary Trust residents and individuals who have faced homelessness. They have undergone incredible journeys, and now find fulfilment in contributing positively to their community.

And supporting this lifeline is Gareth, a project coordinator at Sanctuary Trust, and his team of lads, who lend their strength to the heavy lifting at the shop. The team embody the spirit of service, lending a helping hand to those in need in Pensarn.

When you visit Storehouse Pensarn and make a purchase, you’re doing more than acquiring a treasure; you’re making a humble donation. Your funds go straight back to our mission of taking practical action against homelessness in Pensarn, North Wales, and beyond. Every purchase is an act of kindness, every visit a gesture of support.

Are you inspired to make a difference? Consider visiting Storehouse Pensarn, volunteering, or making a purchase, to be a part of the incredible work we do.


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