Comwy Food Bank rises to the challenge

Operating the Conwy Food Bank during Covid has been a real challenge.

Referrals from the Local authority and other referring agencies have gone up, at a time where we faced a risk of having to close down the operation all together because the location we were operating from was too small.

Thanks to the funding we received from the AGCF, we were able to afford the rent at a new much larger premises. This enabled our staff and volunteers to continue to do this important work safety.

We thought we would help a total of 600 people in a period between April 21 – Sept 21. In reality, we actually helped almost double that amount. A massive 1114 people in Borough of Conwy benefitted from the support of this Service over the 6-month period.

Surprisingly, we supported less families than we expected. We had aimed for 300 families, in reality we only supported 224. Although, from this number of family, we have documented those 466 children have directly benefitted from the work of the Conwy Food bank during this grant period. That’s a lot of children who may have gone without food without the support of the Food bank.

Due to the funding we received, we were able to employ additional staff to help us meet the challenges of increased demand while also needing to be mindful of keeping all our amazing volunteers safe during covid.

In total, thanks to the funding received from AGCF, were have enhanced the Service with 390 hours extra paid staff. That’s 15 hours a week additional paid staff input compared to before we received this funding.

This amount of additional resource has been such a blessing to us. Due to increase in staff hours, we have even been able to launch spin off projects such as Slow cooker give away (a project where we give away slow cookers with guidance on how you make healthy meals) and the KidzsBank (a new idea where we source prams, cots and toys for disadvantaged local children.

If you would like to support your Conwy food bank, please get in touch ([email protected])

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