Food Foundry Donation

The Food Foundry donated 2500 cups

The Sanctuary Trust would like to thank the Food Foundry for their very kind donation of cups, we plan to use 2000 of these cups at the Community soup kitchen.

The Kitchen launched way back in 2013, where a small group of residents identified a growing social problem and decided to start serving hot soup to the homeless.  Fast-forward nearly 6 years and this small band of local citizens are now 76 members strong.  Operating from our own premises in Champness Hall, the Kitchen works with similar groups to ensure all citizens from the Borough of Rochdale have access to a hot and healthy meal.

From this location, the Kitchen also coordinates food distribution from our Supermarket partners to homelessness charities that operate within the Borough.  In these tough economic times, we have helped to reduce the risk of malnutrition among the most vulnerable people of our Borough.

More recently, the Kitchen provide opportunities for medical interventions.  This work is significant, as many of the people that access the Kitchen do not engage with services and often present with multiple and interrelating health problems.  From our humble beginnings we have developed into an important community asset, one that not only meets basic needs but also plays a part in reintegrating socially isolated people into service and community.    But its all thanks to companies like Food Foundry, without their support the Volunteers of the Kitchen will not have the resources to deliver the work.

Thanks again Food Foundry, and if you or your business would like to explore how you can be a part of this collaborative approach to poverty in our community, please do get in touch!

Community Kitchen Donation


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