Homeless Network and Food Delivery Service

The Homelessness food delivery service was set up in March 2020 to provide support to service users who used to access soup kitchens and food banks whist in lock down. It was a partnership of Sanctuary trust, Angie’s Angels, soup kitchen, bond board and supported by Rochdale council.  We provided 350 meals and take away bags three times a week. In August, the soup kitchens and food banks re opened so service users could again access the support. During this time, we had funding and food support from the local food bank and Rochdale council, to help maintain the deliveries.

In August once the soup kitchen and food banks re opened, we identified the continued need for food support, mainly families and individuals who where unable to access the current services due to

  • Mental or physical health problems
  •  Shielding due to vulnerabilities
  •  COVID-19 isolation
  •  Loss of job or furloughed money not covering living costs.
  •  Having young children with health needs.

From August myself and john Shaw secured regular food donations from several different sources

  • Morrison’s stores (Failsworth, Rochdale, Todmorden, Heywood)
  • Surplus food donations from Aldi and Lidl,
  • Costa coffee Multiply Rochdale sites
  • Iceland Rochdale
  • Tesco
  • FC United
  • Sikh Siwa Org
  • Rafay Mussarat Foundation
  • Supporting people in need Group
  • Smiles foundation.
  • Co-op superstores
  • Homeless aid uk
  • 0161 group
  • Kim at Life share
  • Local schools
  • Rochdale Women’s welfare association

We also received £700.00 in monetary donations for local people, who just wanted to help as well as securing £500.00 in funding.

We are currently supporting over 220 individuals and families, twice a week in the Rochdale. area. The families are referred into the service from.

  • The Bond board
  • Probation
  • Adult care
  • Social services
  • Community connectors
  • Petrus
  • Stepping stones
  • The light house project
  • Rochdale’s COVID-19 response team
  • The place team
  • Local churches
  • Angie’s Angels
  • Sanctuary trust RSI
  • Yale housing
  • Sanctuary trust Crisis team


We also work closely with the Sanctuary trust RSI team and crisis team, who collect food from us for rough sleepers, as well as referring them onto the delivery list once they have been re housed. Our delivery team are brilliant at identifying if something is wrong, they chat to people and make sure people have been seen, if theres an issue they report it back to me, then I inform Katie or tony who step in with the relevant help and support.

We offer food support to The Castleton hotel, which is currently being used as a family hostel, we take bulk items of food as well as clothing and toiletries. Over the Christmas period we supplied Christmas food, treats, chocolate and toys.


Angie’s Angels usually provides a sit-down Christmas dinner on Christmas day, but because of the current COVID-19 restrictions we decided to make it part of the food delivery service, on Christmas eve we provided.

  • 160 Christmas dinners
  • 40 Halal Christmas meals
  • Castleton hotel family centre with meals, presents and selection boxes.
  • 200 Selection Boxes to individuals and families
  • 60 Children’s presents.
  • Holland house Hostel with 30 selection boxes, turkey, biscuits and cakes
  • The Step Project with turkey, biscuits, cakes, selection boxes
  • Halsal house hostel with biscuits, cakes, selection boxes


The project recently moved into The Kirkholt Community church, which has opened a lot of new opportunities, due to us currently helping several families on the Kirkholt estate, we are now eligible to apply for Kirkholt millions funding to help us continue our support.

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