Jack Back on Track with help from the Crisis Project

Jack was a resident at step last year he has had several issues in the past few months.

Homelessness and addiction to spice, plus he had fallen out with his family. He was very hit and miss at first and often preferred to stay out sleeping rough on the streets of greater Manchester. We eventually referred Jack to Steppingstones, where he was placed into a dispersal flat.

When he first moved in I can remember him explaining to me

….”Ok I have a flat but that in my head I’m still homeless”.

He struggled at first to actually stay in his flat, and his Steppingstones worker could never catch Jack at home, due to the way he had been living we explained the problem to his worker and we continued to work with Jack to get him settled in his Flat.


He is now settled and re-building back the ties with his family and recently started to address his addiction with the help of local services, He now takes pride in his flat and invites his old friends round to play video games and is in a much better place.

Tony McManus

GM Crisis Coordinator

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