Lee provides much needed after care in Oldham

Today the Pass it on team in Oldham went to a local HMO to Visit Steven ( former guest at the night shelter)

He was so pleased with the support he is still receiving from Sanctuary Trust, and the help with Food, Bedding and the TV for his room, he’s looking well and certainly is getting used to more independent living .

Just as we were leaving he Thanked Us ( His words )

“Lee mate I really appreciate all you guys are doing for me it’s great here now I love it and thank you for my egg I’ll eat that as soon as you get off.”

The Pass It On Scheme  provides an opportunity for persons with lived experience to safely pass on their knowledge, experience and the interventions they received to the next cohort of disadvantaged people.

Lee, was homeless himself over 20 years ago.  A former addict who suffered with severe depression, Lee tried to throw himself off the bridge overlooking the motorway that goes through Oldham.  Now, he uses all the challenges he has been through in life to help guide others to make positive steps forward.

If you have lived experience of homelessness or homeless related issues such as addiction, and you would like to use what you went through to be a positive part of another’s persons journey away from this lifestyle, then please get in touch.  Come and join Lee team in Oldham, you can contact Lee on [email protected]

Lee Aftercare

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