Make some Music!

Quite often it’s our habits yesterday that have led us to where we are at today.

By changing our habits,

we can change our future.

At the Sanctuary Trust we are always thinking up ways to help our clients develop new positive habits that promote health and wellbeing.


Here are a couple of pictures from a community drumming session we arranged last month.  Most of the people involved in this activity were homeless and had not picked up a musical instrument in years.  Directed by a professional drummer, this motley crew of budding musicians learnt first-hand the health benefits of playing music.


‘it was such a buzz being part of that sound, when we come together like that makes me feel  good to be a part of something (DB)

‘I was fed up today could be bothered going out, glad I came now was I don’t feel stressed anymore (MG)

I suffer from anxiety but after that I felt comfortable talking to everyone in the room, something just released (CM)

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