The Community Kitchen helps Nathan and his family get back on their feet


Nathan and his young son were made homeless 4 months ago.  Thanks to the volunteers at the community Kitchen, Nathan and his family have not gone hungry.  Nathan says 'these guys have fed and cared for us and we have gone from strength to strength because of their support and encouragement. 

Nathan has now moved into a new flat but still attends the Kitchen to meet basic needs.  Unfortunately this is not an unfamiliar story, according to the Trussel trust  Vulnerable people are left with "nowhere else to turn" after experiencing problems with universal credit has helped fuel a big increase in food bank use over the past year.

If you would like to support us in our work to help families like Nathan, you can donate you time, clothes or money by clicking on this link

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Verse of the Day

Sanctuary Trust works with homelessness and homeless related poverty and emergency homeless issues. God's Sanctuary was the vision of Sheila Halsall after seeing the level of homelessness Rochdale and later the homelessness Conwy and the substance misuse such as Drugs and Alcohol. By Providing emergency shelter for the homeless in supported housing services funded mainly through Supporting People we assist other providers such as Shelter homelessness, Petrus and Stepping Stones who are also supporting people through women's and men's hostels and floating support. We also have STEP Emergency overnight provision. With our work in Wales we partner with Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) as they provide financial help for homeless through emergency shelter and their Supporting People funds. There are different kinds of accommodation available but what is needed is good quality supported accommodation with a strong business and development plan. We have also provided consultancy service to help others move closer to an answer to homelessness. Our social enterprise company, Sanctuary Trust Enterprises runs Noah's Ark Play Centre, The Storehouse Charity Shop.