Sanctuary Trust pass it on scheme hits Oldham

The Sanctuary trust are pleased to announce Lee Marsland as our new pass it on coordinator for the Borough of Oldham

The 'Pass It On' Scheme (PIOS) recognises the valuable contribution persons with lived experience (of challenging situations) can offer disadvantaged people, those at risk of disadvantage and the wider Community. 

There is no experience like first-hand experience; people that have lived through tough challenges have lots to offer to those people that are currently going through the same. 

The PIOS provides an opportunity for persons with lived experience to safely pass on their knowledge, experience and the interventions they received to the next cohort of disadvantaged people.

Lee joins our growing team in Oldham, all working hard to find solutions to ending rough sleeping across the Borough.  The Sanctuary trust work in partnership with DePaul's ABEN provision to help rough sleepers access hotel accommodation over the Covid19 outbreak.

PIOS Oldham

Lee said ' I have been going to the hotel every day to spent a bit of time with clients, me and the volunteers have been taking food down since Monday potentially for all 40 guests. Two of the clients who are in a HMO in Moston are doing better than they did on their first night they had no quilt, pillows or bedding not even a kettle! So the volunteers  took food parcels to last them a week including TV, toasty machine and Kettle, I will call today at some point to check they are ok and to ensure they know sanctuary haven't forgot them that there is that ongoing support even though they are not in the hotel

Well done Lee you are doing a great Job!  If you would like to support Lee in his work, you can donate via the Sanctuary Trust website.  Or if you are more hands on , you can join Lees pass it on volunteer team by emailing lee at [email protected]

PIOS Oldham 2

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Verse of the Day

Sanctuary Trust works with homelessness and homeless related poverty and emergency homeless issues. God's Sanctuary was the vision of Sheila Halsall after seeing the level of homelessness Rochdale and later the homelessness Conwy and the substance misuse such as Drugs and Alcohol. By Providing emergency shelter for the homeless in supported housing services funded mainly through Supporting People we assist other providers such as Shelter homelessness, Petrus and Stepping Stones who are also supporting people through women's and men's hostels and floating support. We also have STEP Emergency overnight provision. With our work in Wales we partner with Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) as they provide financial help for homeless through emergency shelter and their Supporting People funds. There are different kinds of accommodation available but what is needed is good quality supported accommodation with a strong business and development plan. We have also provided consultancy service to help others move closer to an answer to homelessness. Our social enterprise company, Sanctuary Trust Enterprises runs Noah's Ark Play Centre, The Storehouse Charity Shop.