North Wales is awarded a team of business experts and funding to tackle social and environmental challenges

The Sanctuary Trust has had the impact of its current services and future ambitions recognised with its selection as a 2024 Weston Charity Awards winner.

The award gives us the chance to invest in The Sanctuary Trust’s future with strategic planning support from a dedicated team of four business experts, thanks to pro bono charity Pilotlight, and a core grant of £6,500 from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

The Sanctuary Trust was chosen from over 180 applicants, all of which are frontline charities delivering youth, welfare, community or environment services in the North of England, the Midlands and Wales. Other local/regional charities to be selected are SOS-UK, the Welsh Dee Trust and the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel.

Our Co-Chief Executive Officer, John Wigley has said: “It’s been a really challenging couple of years, the need for our services has increased. We’ve had to rise to the extra demand and cope with increasing costs. Regardless, the Sanctuary Trust has ambitious goals to take action against homelessness, setting a new standard of being compassionate landlords in North Wales. We are thankful to work with fellow business leaders to develop a business plan and pursue these ambitious goals, ensuring that our plans are both sustainable and effective.”

In congratulating The Sanctuary Trust, Sophia Weston, Deputy Chair of Trustees at Garfield Weston Foundation said: “In today’s world, the challenges facing communities are more complex than ever. We’re proud to partner with Pilotlight to support the 24 outstanding charities selected, who are finding innovative ways to combat issues ranging from rising inequality to threats to our natural environment.”

Ed Mayo, Chief Executive of Pilotlight, the charity which is connecting The Sanctuary Trust with a team of coaches drawn from a range of businesses and other organisations said: “The Weston Charity Awards provide a lifeline to smaller charities on the frontlines of changing social and environmental needs. Pilotlight is excited to offer our expertise in helping these charities develop strategic plans for the future, ensuring they can maximise their impact and navigate uncertainty.”

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