Pass it on’ Kevin teaches Fitness at Halsall House

As a resident at Halsall house, Kevin was always the first to encourage others to focus on health and fitness. Now, as a paid member of staff, Kevin continues to teach the current cohort of residents how to keep fit.

At the Sanctuary Trust, we are massive believers in the benefits of keeping physically fit. We know –

  1. Fitness can enhanced mood, that just  5 minutes into physical activity, people can notice an enhancement in their mood.  Research shows that exercise can help alleviate mild to moderate long-term depression (Exercise and Depression)
  2. Fitness reduces stress; Exercise can help release stress and increase relaxation
  3. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety (Exercise for Stress and Anxiety)
  4. Fitness can give us a boost in energy
  5. Improve your health – decreases blood pressure and heart rate, controls weight, strengthens muscles and enhances immunity
  6. Fitness can help you gain better, more restful sleep

Getting fit has played a key part in Kevin’s recovery. He has gone from a lifestyle of addiction / homelessness to working for the Sanctuary Trust, substance free and living a productive life.  If Kevin can turn his life around, we believe there is hope for everyone.

If you would like to support Kevin as he passes on what he knows about fitness to the next cohort of residents at Halsall house, please email [email protected] with the title ‘Kevin’.

We are looking for equipment, volunteers and finance – these are the ways you can join us and become apart of a persons journey away from homelessness.

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