Pass it on Scheme goes live this month!

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The Sanctuary trust Pass it on Scheme has gone live this month.

The ‘Pass It On’ Scheme (PIOS) recognises the valuable contribution persons with lived experience (of challenging situations) can offer disadvantaged people, those at risk of disadvantage and the wider Community.

There is no experience like first-hand experience; people that have lived through tough challenges have lots to offer to those people that are currently going through the same.

The PIOS will provide an opportunity for persons with lived experience to safely pass on their knowledge, experience and the interventions they received to the next cohort of disadvantaged people

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To help members ‘pass it on’ safely we provide all members with robust training and development opportunities.

Special congratulations to Brain (top). He has just completed a counselling concepts course through ACORN recovery.  Marc (bottom) who has just completed accredited qualifications in first aid, safeguarding, Health and safety in the work place and assessing risk.

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