Persistence pays off in Oldham

Its not easy helping people move away from a lifestyle of rough sleeping.

Lee Marsland, our Pass it on Lead in Oldham, speaks about his experiences trying to support a young man called James.

James has been with the Sanctuary now best part of the year, he had many ups and downs but he has kept pressing in and worked really hard to better his situation. After leaving Halsall house we helped him to secure another temporary accommodation which in itself was a great outcome but James stayed focused and working towards his very own property. So we continued to support him through the bidding process as he wanted something that would allow him over night access to his two children, and with a lot of grit and determination and a sprinkle of willingness James is now fully established in His own flat having his children over the weekend on a regular basis. We are continuing our support to James and have been able to source most of his furniture for his flat to help him with the best start, we wish James the very best for the future.

Well done Lee, fantastic work! If you would like to support the work of Lee and the rest of the team across Borough of Oldham, please do get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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