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Cornerstone is an impactful accommodation project in Conwy County, North Wales providing shelter and 24 hour support to men aged 18-65. We empower individuals with more than just a roof over their head, with dedicated staff available to residents for support and advice with benefits, mental health services, independent living skills and much more.


Our Story and Purpose

Founded in 1994 as a nine-bed hostel under the Clwyd Cornerstone Trust, Sanctuary Cornerstone emerged from a shared vision of compassion and fairness. Guided by a non-discriminatory charity ethos with Christian values, the initiative has since evolved into a thriving project. In 2007, Clwyd Cornerstone Trust integrated with the Sanctuary Trust, and the project is now proudly known as “Cornerstone.”


Supporting Growth and Independence

The cornerstone of our approach lies in fostering self-reliance. We provide a secure haven for our residents, offering them a conducive environment to develop essential life skills. Our method is unique to each resident – we tailor our support based on the individual’s needs, helping them gradually transition to independence and self-sufficiency. This process aims not only to address immediate housing concerns but also to equip individuals with tools to prevent future episodes of homelessness.


Community Impact

Cornerstone’s impact reverberates throughout the community. With an impressive success rate of over 75%, our commitment to empowering residents is evident. We’ve become a beacon of hope, renowned as one of the leading hostels in the borough. Our reputation rests on the pillars of round-the-clock support, genuine care, and unwavering dedication to residents’ well-being.


A Collaborative Approach

We believe that collaboration is key to creating lasting change. Our partnership with local charities and third-sector organizations strengthens our reach and impact. Operating as a “Supporting People” project, we consistently operate at full capacity, highlighting the urgency and need for our services in the community.


Comprehensive Services

Cornerstone is more than just a shelter; it’s a holistic support system. We provide 24-hour assistance to seven men aged 18-65. Our services encompass a wide range of needs, including helping residents access benefits, managing substance misuse challenges, offering daily guidance, and facilitating access to vital mental health services.


Getting in Touch

For inquiries and further information, call our hostel at 01492 573 147.  We’re here to answer your questions and share more about the work we do at Sanctuary Cornerstone.

Email: [email protected] to enquire about accessing housing support in Conwy County.

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