Halsall House

Halsall House is an 'abstinence based' supported housing projectlocated near Rochdale town centre.  

The accommodation is staffed 24hrs a day; we provide a safe environment for homeless people to explore unwanted habits and behaviours. We do this because we understand the impact our behaviour can have on our wellbeing. For example, if a person is aggressive the chances are they will find themselves getting into lots of fights, however, when a person smiles they might find that everyone smiles right back at them. This is called cause and effect; quite often our actions have either a positive or negative consequence.

At Halsall House we offer our clients the opportunity to change unwanted habits.      By exploring habits with the intention of change we believe that all clients can (over time) create very different futures for themselves.

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We don't try to reinvent the wheel; we simply look at the habits of happy people who have adopted certain behaviour patterns.  If a client can adopt these habits, they too can achieve real sustained happiness in life.

Replacing destructive habits with healthy ones is accomplished over a period of time, through a process known as Neuroplasticity.   At Halsall house clients will learn all about this process through our Exodus training programme.

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The word "Exodus" roughly translates as "the way out".

All prospective clients of Halsall House should ask themselves these three questions:

  1. Have I had enough of my current lifestyle?
  2. Do I realise that I can't do this by myself and accept that I need help?
  3. Am I willing to work hard for change?

If the answers to these questions are yes, Halsall house might well be your way out!

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"The Sanctuary Trustis a practical expression of God's love.  We provide support and encouragement for people who are homeless or seeking to take control of their lives through addressing drug, alcohol or other, homeless-related problems."


  • Abstinence based recovery programme including drug and alcohol testing
  • A 5 staged Personalised action plan aimed at supporting clients to embed new healthy habits
  • 4 substantial meals per day
  • Key work support
  • Support with developing independent living skills
  • Relapse prevention training through our Exodus project
  • Ellis Whittam E-Learning Accredited qualifications in Fire safety, Food hygiene Level 2 Health and Safety, medicine awareness, Stress management, and many more!  A computer with internet access is available for all clients within the accommodation and additional support is afforded to those clients with literacy and computer needs.
  • Monthly recreation activities such as raft building, canoeing, abseiling and much more!
  • A comprehensive tenancy ready training programme for all clients ready to move on from the service
  • A collaborative approach to reintegration - we work with many different partners to help clients develop community support networks within their area of resettlement
  • We provide support and encouragement to all former clients through our graduate network known as the pass it on scheme'

 For information on the referral process or if you require further information on this Project and our other homeless prevention initiatives, please email [email protected].

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Pass It On Scheme

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Verse of the Day

Sanctuary Trust works with homelessness and homeless related poverty and emergency homeless issues. God's Sanctuary was the vision of Sheila Halsall after seeing the level of homelessness Rochdale and later the homelessness Conwy and the substance misuse such as Drugs and Alcohol. By Providing emergency shelter for the homeless in supported housing services funded mainly through Supporting People we assist other providers such as Shelter homelessness, Petrus and Stepping Stones who are also supporting people through women's and men's hostels and floating support. We also have STEP Emergency overnight provision. With our work in Wales we partner with Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) as they provide financial help for homeless through emergency shelter and their Supporting People funds. There are different kinds of accommodation available but what is needed is good quality supported accommodation with a strong business and development plan. We have also provided consultancy service to help others move closer to an answer to homelessness. Our social enterprise company, Sanctuary Trust Enterprises runs Noah's Ark Play Centre, The Storehouse Charity Shop.