Project Information

Jannat House will:

  • Provide 20 units of housing related support, 14 rapid homelessness relief, 6 ABEN units
  • Provide 1- 1action planning support, 3hr coaching, offer of 2hr training every week, with 12 weekly service review
  • Offer a tailored programme where people identify their own interventions and link in with wider Services
  • Work in partnership with other Services to help meet peoples needs and reduce associated risk of entrenched lifestyles
  • We have clearly defined procedures for admissions and departures
  • We work alongside specialist mental health teams to provide wrap around support for persons with complex needs
  • We work with partner to help people develop confidence
  • Our pass it on lived experience team will ensure the voices of the people help to shape future services
  • We work hard to ensure all people have fair access to mainstream services
  • We deploy a Holistic approach to Initial assessment and review procedures
  • We Deliver employability workshops
  • We Provide opportunity for students on placement to develop practice skills
  • We Support persons with lived experience of homelessness to develop the skills and work experience to be the next generation of workers in the Sector
  • We provide volunteer opportunities for local people to be part of the solution to end homelessness
  • We work with partners to help people develop their skills


All Referrals will be received via Rochdale MBC Homelessness section   Unless the person presents out of hours’ (After 5pm until 8am Monday – Friday or weekend).

The Rough Sleeper Initiative (RSI) staff can facilitate a person’s admission to the project during out of ours periods, for emergency relief only.  However, at the first opportunity this person must be supported to link in with Rochdale MBC homelessness department for Assessment.  The Rochdale MBC homelessness Section will assess the person and decide on whether the persons stay will be extended.


We will commence Assessment process within first 24hr of their residency.  An allocated Key worker will work alongside the Guests to conduct a Holistic initial assessment designed to identify needs.  The initial assessment period incorporates results of a participant’s self-assessment, motivational interviews, and initial staff observations.  All this information will be recorded on Management Console.

Initial Risk Assessment is developed using the information received via referral information.  We will look to build on this information by gathering information on Guests from referral, the person directly (in assessment) and external agencies. This will help us to make an informed assessment of the Guests likely risk factors in;

  • Substance misuse issues
  • Medication
  • Personal safety
  • Staff safety
  • Community safety
  • Property safety
  • Criminal history
  • Mental health history

The Sanctuary Trust anticipates many of the Guests will present to Service with multiple risk factors.  The risk assessment will not be used as a tool to prevent access to the Services.  The assessment of these risk factors helps the Trust identify actions to reduce the risk factors while making every effort to ensure fair access to this important provision.


On admission the Guest will be allocated a Key worker. Within the first week the Key worker will complete work alongside guest to engage in first action plan. Guests will have an opportunity to write down their goals and help them achieve by cultivating focus, resilience, self-esteem, and confidence.

We will adopt a solution focused, strength-based approach.  We will train the staff to engage with clients using Life Coaching model. Life Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to the client. We believe that the client has the answers to every question or challenge, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed, or hidden inside. Our skills are about knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools / techniques to empower the client to find those answers within.  Over the period of engagement, we notice a marked difference in the client’s self-concept; clients start to believe in their ability and make significant behaviour and lifestyle changes.

Tenancy ready groups

The 4 tenancy ready sessions will be held twice a week.  The objectives of tenancy ready group is to help people –

  1. Understand how the Housing System works
  2. Assess all available housing options available
  3. Understand the impact of comfort zones on our decision making
  4. Understand different types of tenancies
  5. Recognise rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  6. Know where to go to access support within a tenancy
  7. Understand how to apply for accommodation related benefits
  8. Understand ways to manage household budget
  9. Know where to go for support with debt management
  10. Identify essential household purchases
  11. Identify ways to reduce the risk of loneliness
  12. Understand the meaning of anti-social behaviour and recognise the characteristics of a good neighbour.

Process for Ending Support

The Service at Jannat House is a rapid relief from rough sleeping, therefore this provision is not a long-term housing option.  Our aim is to help guests move on from the Service as quickly as possible.

On receipt of an appropriate offer of accommodation, the Trust will inform Rochdale MBC homelessness Section and Rochdale Council Benefits.  We will support the guest with logistical arrangements to ensure smooth transition from Jannat House into more stable accommodation.

We will conduct an exit interview and record findings on the Management console software. This information will be available to partners on request.

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