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The ‘Pass It On’ Scheme (PIOS) recognises the valuable contribution persons with lived experience (of challenging situations) can offer disadvantaged people, those at risk of disadvantage and the wider Community.

There is no experience like first-hand experience; people that have lived through tough challenges have lots to offer to those people that are currently going through the same.

The PIOS will provide an opportunity for persons with lived experience to safely pass on their knowledge, experience and the interventions they received to the next cohort of disadvantaged people.

David, one of our very first PIOS Members says;

‘I used to attend weekly group sessions on the reasons why we take drugs, now I am the one leading the group!  It feels great to facilitate these groups; I got a lot of knowledge.  Besides, every time I lead a group it reminds me why I can’t go back there…’

To help members ‘pass it on’ safely we provide all members with robust training and development opportunities.  This includes accredited qualifications in; Risk Assessment, Fire Safety, Food Hygiene, Health and Wellbeing, Safeguarding Children / Vulnerable Adults, Stress Management and a Level 2 qualification in Information, Advice or Guidance (plus much more!).

Once a member feels ready to ‘Pass it on’, we will supervise placement within local soup kitchens, emergency homeless shelters, supported housing providers and Community drop-ins.  On placement, members will directly help those most in need while developing important employability skills.

Some members may want to continue their commitment to ‘Pass it on’ by seeking employment within the sector.  The Sanctuary Trust is keen to help cultivate the next generation of housing / homelessness workers, with lived experience.  We pledge that all housed PIOS graduates will receive an interview for employment at the Sanctuary Trust.  We will also help graduates to apply for jobs elsewhere and we will provide employment references. Therefore, in 12 months a new member could have the qualifications, the work experience and be employed within the Sector!

Everyone’s journey through PIOS is going to be different, but here is an example to help you understand the process:


Week 1 Referral processing and Assessment
Week 2 – 6 ELearning in Risk assessment, fire safety, food hygiene, health and wellbeing, safeguarding children / vulnerable adults, stress management

Enrol on level 2 information advice and guidance

Week 6 – ongoing Official membership induction

Weekly group supervision sessions

Monthly internal training sessions

Week 6 – 8 3 Shadow days
Week 8 – 20 Placement 1
Week 20 – 32 Placement 2
Week 32 – 44 Placement 3
Week 44 – 52 Pass it on promotions

Employment support (if the member is seeking employment)


Week 52 Graduation day!  Induction into the Pass it on Graduates network

Interview day (if the member is seeking employment)


Members don’t have to be brilliant readers, writers or computer whizzes.  In fact you don’t need much at all because we will support you every step of the way through this scheme. Perhaps you have no interest in working within the health and Social Care sector, but just want to help people.  That’s Ok too, we will provide you with the opportunities to help others and we will help you access training / work experience in whatever area interests you.  All we ask is;

  1. Are you committed to passing on what you have learnt in a safe way that will benefit others
  2. Are you committed to spend at least 10hr per week working on this scheme for a period of 52 weeks?
  3. Once you have graduated from the scheme, are you happy to be a part of a network of PIO graduates committed to helping others in need?

If the answers to these questions are yes, we look forward to welcoming you on board!   Please email [email protected] for referral form. You can self-refer and all referral are responded within 5 working days

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