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The Reintegration Project aims to deliver 15 group work interventions designed to address underlining reasons for homelessness, either in small groups or 1 – 1.

These sessions have been developed by persons with lived experience of homelessness and addiction. They are delivered using an experiential learning approach, the facilitator of these groups understand that people are the experts of their own situations therefore asks open questions that stimulates the kind of conversations that will benefit all persons that attend the session.
Not everyone works best in groups, we have also developed reintegration book for those that work best alone. Both the group work and the book are tools to support beneficiaries understand underlining reasons of homelessness and identify strategy to make changes.

Here is a full listing of the Learning outcomes we hope to achieve per session –

Reintegration Session 1 – Acceptance
This session aims to help learners recognise that change is hard. It is quite often the avoidance of change that perpetuates and prolongs personal crisis. This workshop will encourage learners to embrace their struggles and recognise the opportunity for personal growth in any given situation.
The learning outcomes are:
1. Recognise that by changing our habits we can change our future outcomes
2. Acknowledge that quite often our strategies to avoid can often prolong our struggles
3. Identify our options and make a decision!

Reintegration Session 2 – Truth
This session aims to help learners recognise the lies we can create that prevent change. While reflecting on the consequences of this behaviour, we aim to promote the importance of living in reality and speaking the truth.
The learning outcomes are:
1. Understand the many ways we can create a lie
2. Recognise the importance of living in the truth
3. Identify the fears that promote a lie

Reintegration Session 3 – Appreciation
This session aims to support learners appreciate the wonders of nature and our relationship to the world. Our relationship with the natural world intangible; we hope this workshop helps learners take notice of the many things in life we can be grateful for.
1. The learning outcomes are: Recognise and appreciate the natural world around us
2. Recognise the opportunity to learn and grow
3. Notice the many things in our life we are grateful for

Reintegration Session 4 – Peace
This session will use real life examples of forgiveness to demonstrate the benefits of living in peace. Peace is a process; this session aims to support learners recognise that this process can start today.
The learning outcomes are:
1. Recognise the obstacles to achieving a Peaceful life
2. Understand that forgiveness is a process

Reintegration Session 5 – Courage
This session aims to help learners recognise it takes real courage to choose change, live in truth, appreciate the world around us and forgive ourselves / others. We will discuss practical ways we can cultivate courage
The learning outcomes are:
1. Recognise the power of courage
2. Identify ways to cultivate courage

Reintegration Session 6 – Alertness
We may start to enjoy the fruits of a desired change and assume we have made it; this is a dangerous place to be. This session aims to point out the risks of falling back into old ways of thinking.
The learning outcomes are:
1. Recognise the signs of complacency and identify strategies to reduce the risk
2. Understand why people can sub consciously sabotage their own successes.
3. Conduct personal risk assessments of high-risk situations

Reintegration Session 7 – Resilience
This session aims to help learners understand that bad days are inevitable, we may even make a mistake or too along the way. But when you fall you can bounce back
The learning outcomes are:
1. Understand our biological responses to tough situations
2. Identify alternative ways to response to tough situations
3. Recognise the intention behind rules and understand we can use rules difficult situations

Reintegration Session 8 – Patience
The aim of this session is to help learners understand that it is impossible to cut corners, it takes time and patience to achieve a positive lifestyle change
The learning outcomes are:
1. Understand the negative impact of impatience on our health
2. Understand that it can take time to overcome anxiety and feel comfortable with change
3. Recognise that patience is a habit that a person needs to work on

Reintegration Session 9 – Faith
This session aims to assess what we put our complete trust in. The session encourages learners to discern carefully because the consequences of misplace faith is significant
The learning outcomes are:
1. Identify what we put our faith in
2. Understand the consequences of misplacing faith
3. Acknowledge the benefits of putting faith in our connection to one another

Reintegration Session 10 – Collaboration
This session aims to show that meaningful long-lasting change is always achieved in collaboration with other people; we cannot achieve change in isolation.
The learning outcomes are:
1. Acknowledge our connection with other people
2. Understand the concept that we often reap what we sow, both as individuals and corporately
3. Recognise the value of cultivating compassion as a tool

Reintegration Session 11 – Compassion and the brain
The aim of this workshop is to introduce learners to the concept of compassion and how our brain works
The learning outcomes are:
1. Understand the definition of compassion
2. Understand how the brain works
3. Relate to the internal conflict of competing parts of the brain

Reintegration Session 12 – Compassionate thoughts
This session aims to reaffirm that there is a battle going on in the mind, you get to choose which side wins! But we didn’t design our brain, we inherited it! Therefore, we can look at this battle with compassion i.e. acknowledge our suffering and aim to do something about it!
The learning outcomes are:
1. Identify source of unkind thoughts
2. Recognise the value of monitoring thoughts and make changes to your thought life

Reintegration Session 13 – Compassionate emotions
This session aims to help learners develop new ways to manage emotional reactions to difficult situations
The learning outcomes are:
1. Recognise the impact of emotions on well being
2. Understand the difference between compassionate self-correction and shame-based attack
3. Understand the underlining reasons for depression

Reintegration Session 14 – Compassionate behaviour
The aim of this session is to help learners understand that compassion is not the easy choice, it come with a price.
The learning outcomes are:
1. Identify compassionate behaviour
2. Understand the cost of compassion

Reintegration Session 15 – Compassionate relationships
If your lizard brain goes off 100% every time you have an argument, this will have a massive impact on your wellbeing. The aim of this session is to help learners manage relationships
The learning outcomes are:
1. Acknowledge the impact our relationships can have on our well being
2. Understand what a healthy relationship looks like
3. Identify strategy to deal with difficult people

This project has the potential to revolutionise the way people think, feel and behave – its proven to be an important resource in a persons journey towards change.

If you would like to get involved in delivering the Reintegration Project or if you would like to show your support by donating to the cause, please do get in touch.

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