Real Change Rochdale provides financial support to local family

Real change exists to support those who are the most vulnerable in our communities. The financial support that real change provides comes from the generosity of local businesses and charitable donations.

Anyone can fall on hard times
Very recently a family found themselves struggling to meet the basic needs for living. The prospect of not being able to put food on the table along with their electric being disconnected was real and distressing. Anyone can fall on hard times as life can throw some difficult situations our way. This is what one family were dealing with until local charities were contacted and responded by providing what this family needed. The family received a food parcel and Real Change provided the financial support to keep the electric running. These small gifts mean a lot when families are under this kind of pressure. Real change exists to provide a response in the moment it is most needed. It is because of our Real Change contributors that those who are the most vulnerable can receive support.

You can donate to the real change campaign by visiting the website on

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