Reintegration Project achieves re-funding: Claire joins the team!

The Sanctuary Trust has received funding from the European social fund for its Reintegration Project.
The Reintegration Project consists of 15 group work interventions, each designed to address underlining reasons for homelessness.
These sessions have been developed by persons with lived experience of homelessness and addiction. They are delivered using an experiential learning approach, we understand that people are the expert of their own situations, therefore, our job is to simply ask open questions that stimulates the kind of conversations that will help participants learn from each other.
This approach to learning, we hope, will introduce some of the most excluded people to the benefits of training / personal development. Following these session, we believe a proportion of participants will go on to take up more formal training thus setting them off on a journey towards employment.
Claire is out most recent recruit, tasked with spearheading this exciting project. We welcome you Claire to the Sanctuary Trust family and wish you every success

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