Rochdale Highways donate to the Sanctuary

Employees on the Highway Maintenance contract in Rochdale have kindly raised funds for The Sanctuary Trust to help provide fitness session for residents at the local centre.

The funding has enabled Sanctuary Trust to work alongside Craig Kirby (Fitness Instructor) to provide ten effective fitness sessions for the residents at Halsall House. Which will have a massive impact on the residents making it possible for them to focus on a healthy recovery.

The sessions will include getting to know each other, team work, looking at mental ability not physical ability and continually looking on how residents improve. Sanctuary Trust CEO, David Lackner-Smith, said: “The funding will improve the health and wellbeing of the residents and is key to recovery and adjusting to a normal standard of living in order for the residents to manage their own independence in the future, We are very grateful for this help and would like to thank Balfour Beatty for their kind donation”.

Roger Wood, Contract Manager said: “It’s really positive for the community that our employees from Rochdale have made this happen themselves.”


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