Rochdale sixth form students help out at the storehouse

Thanks to the support of Rochdale sixth form college, we were able to give three students work experience at our Storehouse and Reaching out Centre.  here is there feedback –

Student 1 said – So this week it was pretty quiet at the reaching out centre but it was really nice seeing how friendly the staff were to the customers as well as making me feel very welcome it was just an amazing environment to be in , i enjoyed making coffee and tea for the customers and also even got a compliment on how good the tea was!!

Student 2 said –I went there before the other students. I put the flags up with Richard(the manager) and then they kind of gave me a talk and showed around. I realized how fundamental it is to to have a foundation like sanctuary trust who treat people out of utter homelessness with utmost care and provide them with everything they possibly need.

Student 3 said – I went yesterday and we really enjoyed it! We were a little apprehensive at first, but we soon started to box up plates, bowls, cutlery and other necessary things for homeless people. I did feel a little subdued by this because it made me think of just how horrible it must feel to suffer and not have anything to eat with, or your own bedding. So we moved onto dressing the mannequins, the other student has impeccable fashion taste and we went into the basement to find red and blue clothes to fit the jubilee theme and to go with the lovely balloon banner (well done). Then we sorted and folded bedding into different sizes I really enjoyed the experience, I’m sure Aisha did too, looking forward to going again. Everyone there is really nice.

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