Sanctuary Trust Cornerstones does its bit to keep Wales tidy

Residents and staff from Sanctuary Trust project in Llandudno junction, teamed up with the non profitable organisation Keep Wales Tidy.

Residents and staff volunteered, with protective gear and equipment supplied by Keep Wales Tidy and went to collect any rubbish and litter that was along the beach, seating areas and marina of local area Deganwy Quay, collecting 5 large rubbish bags throughout the day.

Local people that were out enjoying the sunshine and walks along the beach area were thanking and praising both staff and residents for their participation in helping keep our local areas tidy and clear of rubbish and litter.

Keep Wales Tidy, is a charity working across Wales to protect our environment for now and for the future. We know a good quality environment matters to people and the benefits can have a big impact on our communities, health and well-being and economy.

Sanctuary trust are really pleased to team up with Keep Wales tidy, together we will ake action to make a positive difference!

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