Sanctuary trust is an expression of God’s love

By Tony McManus

God's Love If there ever was a more practical expression of god’s love, which is the ethos of sanctuary trust and how a team could come together, to help one of our beneficiaries then it was this week.

It all began on the morning of the 21st of November when temperatures plummeted below freezing.

One of our outreach workers found someone sleeping in a tent in the Oldham area, and engaged the man in conversation and slowly encouraged him to take a chance on us helping him. By 9am he was in the office of sanctuary trust.

At this point the placement student kicked into gear by chasing a placement for him by phoning round our Hostels. While this was going on the crisis team also stepped up by finding the man fresh clothes form one of our partners in the basement of the sanctuary second-hand shop.

Then he was taken to our emergency accommodation project where he was fed and showered and able to change into clothes with some dignity and respect.

In the meantime, back at the office the students, crisis teams, and outreach teams worked hand in hand on accessing a phone and funds for him, through real change Rochdale, and arranged an assessment for him at another one of our projects Halsall House for that afternoon. Which is our abstinence-based hostels owed and run by sanctuary trust staff who do a great job of rehabilitating people affected by homelessness and issues that leads people to be homeless.

The man returned to the office quite unrecognisable to the man who left, with a look of what could only be described as bewilderment on his face.

He was then handed the mobile phone and It was explained about the assessment that day and what to expect, the man agreed to this and with the support of the outreach worker, who had accompanied him all the step of the way, went to his assessment.

The man was successful with his assessment and is now a resident at Halsall House and we all wish him the best luck in the world from all the staff who helped him that day.

So, if there was ever a chance to show “A practical expression of Gods love” then this was it.

From a cold frosty morning in a tent to a warm bed surrounded by people who care, great teamwork guys you know who you are no need for names because that’s not the reason why we work in this sector.

But anyway Thanks to: –

Sanctuary trust Management team for putting together an amazing team of workers and having faith in us and enabling us to do the work we do.

Outreach workers who work in all weathers to locate and help rough sleepers.

Crisis team who help pull the resources together at a moment’s notice.

Placement students we hope you are enjoying your time with us as much as we do with you, you have been a great asset.

Step Project for the use of their facilities and support daily.

Sanctuary store house staff and volunteers for practical support

Angels for the clothing provided and support all our Projects and beneficiaries.

Halsall house for the great work they do in emotional and practical work they do with the people we send them.

We all come under the umbrella of the Pass it on scheme, we are all people of lived experience, what ever that experience maybe. And a great team.

Thanks to all.

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