Special thanks to the Red Cross

Red Cross First Aid is a gesture of kindness that makes a difference. Simple actions can save lives before the emergency medical services arrive

Thanks to British Red Cross our staff members, student and volunteers across Sanctuary Trust Rochdale Services have received vital first aid training.

Special thanks to Judith Jones (Adult Learning Coordinator for the Red Cross), she offered first aid learning with a focus on vulnerable people, such as those who are homeless, people living with drug or alcohol addiction, and older people aged 65 and over.


People in these groups are more likely to be injured or become ill suddenly, or to come into contact with someone needing help. Therefore it’s vital that they, or those close to them, can act in a first aid emergency.

As an experienced first aid trainer, Judith offered us an effective, easy-to-learn first aid education for those supporting vulnerable people.

She designed the sessions to meet the needs of the Trust and even delivered the courses from our Night shelter, abstinence Project and our Soup Kitchen.  We look forward to organising our next training session, thanks Judith!

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