Tenancy ready at the Sanctuary Trust

The Sanctuary Trust, in partnership with beneficiaries of our Services, have reviewed our popular tenancy ready programme.

The Tenancy Ready programme aims to –

  1. Help people to understand how the Housing System works
  2. Assess all available housing options
  3. Understand the impact of comfort zones on our decision making
  4. Understand different types of tenancies
  5. Recognise your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  6. Understand how to apply for accommodation related benefits
  7. Understand ways to manage household budget
  8. Identify essential household purchases
  9. Identify ways to reduce the risk of loneliness
  10. Understand the meaning of anti social behaviour and recognise the characteristics of a good neighbour

Now the review process is complete and everyone has had their say on how we can improve this programme, the Sanctuary Trust has invested in 500 booklets for those accessing our accommodation Services in 2021/22.

We believe this resource will play key role in a persons journey from rough sleeping to independent living.  If you would like to sponsor  a tenancy ready book, please do get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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