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Adele is a 40 year old woman who has quite a coloured past to say the least to date she has had all her 5 children taken by social services a lot of this is based on very bad choices and excessive drug misuse, Adele has just given birth again to a lovely boy named Nathanial, but again based on her track record she has found herself in a battle with the system and social services!! Adele stumbled into the building at Impact, while we were prepping for the Tenancy ready group the following day, she was in quite an upset state so we sat her down and began to look at her options and also what was going against her?…it became quite clear Adele was struggling at home so the prospect of Nathaniel coming home was becoming smaller and smaller !

Over these last 3 weeks we have been meeting with Adele twice a week and in this time she has been really loving the Tenancy Ready and also looking at other courses she can attend such as turning point and budgeting, Adele has totally engaged with everybody she needs to and then some ! Even to the point she has started to attend Impact Church every Sunday and has asked about how she can volunteer with us to give something back…

After character references from myself and other agencies to the courts and social services Adele has been given such good feedback that if she stays on Track Nathaniel will almost definitely be going back home to his mum.

Adele in her words last week at the HMO was

(I actually love this feeling of doing positive stuff I’m gonna carry on even when my son’s home)


Oldham Tenancy Ready

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