The food network

Formerly known as “The homelessness network”  is currently supporting 160 individuals and families across the Rochdale borough with food support. We have so far delivered over 70.000 food parcels, as well as signposting over 60 people to services they desperately needed.

We receive referrals from

  • Social service
  • The Bondboard
  • Stepping stones
  • Turning point
  • The Community connectors
  • The lighthouse project
  • Adult care
  • Kirkholt CC
  • Sanctuary trust
  • Angies Angels

At the present time, the project just needs to continue to support people probably for the next 9-12 months in the same capacity as it is currently.

Moving forward

The project needs to become more sustainable and educational, “give a man a fish and he feeds his family for a day, teach a man to fish and he feeds his family forever” if we adapt the project and make it a more interactive device, I believe it could be extremely helpful.

  • Instead of simply giving people food, set up Cooking classes to help people make cost effective meals. (these classes would also be good for the people staying at Halsal house, getting them ready for independent living.
  • Help people to understand more about how to make the most of the small amount of food they might be receiving.
  • Start a community allotment, for people to work on, let The sanctuary trust pass it on members run the scheme, promoting trust, responsibility and the positive benefits of gardening on mental health and addiction
  • Run Educational classes about nutrition. (involving agencies who specialise in this field)
  • Eventually tie all the above projects together and start a community pay what you can café (Angie’s Angels) where people will be able to
    • Access affordable food if they are struggling,
    • Volunteer to gain employable experience,
    • Earn trust and responsibility.

We would like to continue to help it grow and change into something more sustainable, We believe it is an excellent environment for the pass it on volunteers, they gain so many different skills and all really enjoy being a part of the team.

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