The Sanctuary Trust comes out in force for the annual Rough sleeper count across Rochdale and Oldham

Rough Sleeper Count
The Sanctuary trust plays a key role in Oldham and Rochdale’s Rough Sleeping Initiative (RSI) – a central government programme aimed at helping people off the streets.

As well as receiving funds to employ 2 x full time Outreach workers that work across both Oldham and Rochdale, the Sanctuary trust were able to mobilise 13 members of staff to take part in the annual rough sleeper count.

This picture was taken outside of MacDonald’s in Oldham at 5am in the morning! Well, considering these guys volunteered their time the least we could do is buy them a MacDonald’s breakfast!

On behalf of the Sanctuary trust, thank you for all 13 staff that volunteered their time to take part in the Count.

If you would like to get involved in the rough sleeper count please get in touch!

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