The Sanctuary Trust works in Partnership with Homelessness network to deliver food to vulnerable people during Covid 19

Homeless Network
There are people in the Borough of Rochdale who are not receive support from the Council for basic provisions because they are not linked into mainstream services such as nhs or adult care.

These people traditionally access local soup kitchen etc but can’t anymore because of the covid 19 pandemic.  At a time where we are all being told to stay at home there is a real threat this pandemic poses a risk to life due to starvation.

In partnership with Rochdale Council and working through the real change cooperative, we aim to deliver food parcels to at least 50 houses every Monday Wednesday and Friday.

At all times we are following government guidelines on safe social distancing and personal hygiene.  The response has 11 volunteer drivers in place, 4 drivers per every Monday, Wednesday and Friday are dropping off enough basic provisions to last the week.

We are operating from the local reaching out centre -soup kitchen facility.  We receive food from local supermarkets and wholesalers already, the partnership has also donated all our reserves.

If you would like to get donate you time, money or food to this important local initiative, please contact us via email [email protected]

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