Rochdale is the birthplace of the cooperative; we have a proud history of mobilising local citizens to meet the needs of the community.

Back in 2013, a small group of residents identified a growing social problem and decided to start serving hot soup to the homeless.  Fast-forward 4 years and this small band of local citizens are now 56 members strong.  Operating from our own premises in Champness Hall, the Soup Kitchen works with similar groups to ensure all citizens from the Borough of Rochdale have access to a hot and healthy meal.

More recently, the Soup Kitchen provide opportunities for BARDOC and the local HART team to offer screening and other medical interventions.  This work is significant, as many of the people that access the Soup kitchen do not engage with services and often present with multiple and interrelating health problems.  From our humble beginnings we have developed into an important community asset, one that not only meets basic needs but also plays a part in reintegrating socially isolated people into service and community.

But all this good work has grown too big for volunteers to manage by themselves; we really needed a Community coordinator.  Thanks to the NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (HMR CCG), we have procured funding until April 2019.  Our newly appointed Community Coordinator will

  1. Ensure volunteers have received induction, adequate supervision and training
  2. Assign volunteers to volunteer role in accordance with skill sets and operational needs of the Project
  3. Promote the service and recruit additional volunteers

Would you like to support the Community Coordinator help the homeless and those at risk?  It’s good to help out those less fortunate and this could be your opportunity.  In return we can offer you first class training opportunities, perhaps this volunteer work may lead to a job in the Sector? For more information on this project and others,  please contact our administrator on [email protected]

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