Try and Try again – a story from our Crisis Team

Philip was a resident at step last year in March 2020 we moved him to a flat on his own just has the pandemic was starting. At first things seemed to be going good for him and seemed to be managing quite well, but then Phil became ill with angina and other health issues, and in the few times I had seen him I noticed he was not managing so well. I went to look at his flat which was a private let and could see that he really was not coping at all. Even though with the best intensions we do not always get things right the first time. Due to His age, we thought it best for him to be out of the hostel situation during the covid crisis.
So, it was decided to move him back to the step project in February 21 with the help of Oak properties the homeless sector and Bond board this was a joint decision, and everyone worked together to make this has easy has possible for Phil.
While at step he told me that he struggled to stay there because he had angina and did not want to be found dead alone or not found at all. His health soon improved, and he gained confidence back. I contacted Diane who we work with from adult care and a care act assessment was done and was made care act eligible all the while behind the scenes we were working with RBH to get the right place for Phil’s needs.
Today 21/06/2021 Phil has moved into a warden controlled flat in the area he has all the help he needs. The store house and Angie’s Angels have helped him with furniture and soft furnishings. Crisis team assisted in the sign up for the tenancy and completed a DCF for white goods and the Pass it on guys have helped move everything and moved him in to his new home with has little stress has possible.
Crisis teams and RSI will be keeping a eye on things until floating support can be put in place for Phil so he does not feel so alone this time around.
We may not get everything right the first time but if we feel more help is needed the sanctuary trust teams will do their best to rectify it.
And we all hope Phil enjoys his new home and hopefully we have got it right this time.
Sanctuary trust crisis coordinator

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