We have re-structured!

The Sanctuary Trust has delivered Services to homeless people since 1990. From meeting basic needs through our Soup kitchens, drop ins and emergency accommodation, to providing reintegration training, abstinence programmes and floating support in the community; the sanctuary Trust has a long history of providing vulnerable people with opportunities to take their full place in society and live independently.

This work has not gone unnoticed, thanks to our dedicated staff, volunteers and stakeholders,   we now deliver more services than ever before and our impact is growing every year.  As a result of rapid growth, the Sanctuary Trust are pleased to announce an exciting new structure that will stand us in good stead for years to come.


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Following consultation with our participants,  the Trustees have agreed to devolve many of the operational responsibilities to local Steering groups.  This month our new North Wales steering group will meet for the first time.  In the first week of August the newly formed Greater Manchester Authorities steering group will follow suit.

Made up of local people with vast experiences working with or along side charities, the steering group will –

  1. Operate in its individual area.
  2. Have up to six members and meet 6-8 times per year with the Area Manager and when required a director
  3. Elect one member to sit on the board of Sanctuary Trust as a Non-Executive Director/Trustee of the charity and attend the Management Committee meeting and will perform the duties as stated in the Articles of Association of the company’s constitution. The elected member of the Steering Group will be able to nominate one of the other Steering Group members to stand in for them at the Management Committee meeting which will be held 10 times per year.
  4. To agree and work within the budget for each project set at the beginning of each year.
  5. Feedback any Relevant information given at this meeting to the projects through the Steering Group and Area Manager.
  6. Meet annually at the annual general meeting which will be held yearly at Rochdale.
  7. Provide support and views on policy issues during the monthly policy and procedure review and as they develop, and will suggest/recommend appropriate changes. Contribute to any discussion relating to new services having regard to Central Government and/or Local Authority legislation/policies.
  8. Recognise and appreciate the difficulties attached to the provision of front line services, with particular understanding of the major impact short term or insecure funding can have on service delivery.
  9. Provide a forum for full and frank discussion on staffing (excluding disciplinary), service users and other issues relevant to the purpose of the Steering Group.
  10. Respond to specific requests from the Director of Sanctuary Trust or Management Committee members and implement them.
  11. Request reports from services as follows:
  • Development
  • Referals
  • Planned move on +/-
  • Courses Taken
  • Staffing issues
  • Budget Cash Flow Analysis


If you would like more information on the Steering group, its members or would like to be kept up to date with the development of this new group; perhaps you would be interested in joining a local steering group?  If so please contact us on by emailing admin@:sanctuarytrust.org.uk or call us on 01706 526722.

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