Who will be the Real Change Champion?

Sanctuary Trust Pass it on Members are excited to announce they are taking the lead role in the Rochdale Borough wide Real Change campaign.

In a nut shell, The Real Change campaign aims to support people with lived experience of homelessness raise funds from business and the public to support people in Rochdale that are currently experiencing homelessness.  Any funds generated will be used to pay for items which directly help people to get off the streets or avoid homelessness: things like a deposit for a home, a training course, or clothes for a job interview. 

This is going to be a fantastic resource for all of our Services; we plan to celebrate the launch of this initiative by inviting all agencies to join our Real Change competition.  We aim to put our money where our mouth is, the agency that raises the most amount of money for the campaign wins the Real Change Champion Trophy!

Not only that, the winning agency will be crowned the Real Change Champion at the BHRAIN agm on January 16th.  That’s some serious interagency kudos, social media will go wild!

So far we have the Bondboard, ST Pass it on, ST soup kitchen, Riverside, Rochdale Sixth Form College, Brownhill School and Rochdale Council as Real Change contenders.  But it’s not too late; other agencies may rise to the challenge for the much coveted Real Change Champion Trophy and the admiration of all Service BoroughWide. To get involved email [email protected] or telephone 0773862200.

We look forward to announcing the real change champion in January!

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